Need Help please with DVDRW SOHW-1633S BGS4

Hello all,

I just bought a whole bunch of SONY DVD-R ver 2.1/1 x 16x. Although my drive (LITE-ON DVDRW SOHW-1633S BGS4 ) says it can burn 16x , when I try to burn data, it says illegal disc or something.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with the disc. I can burn DVD(-R & RW) with only 8x speed. It just that the 16X won’t burn at all

I downloaded the firmware (DR16BSOY)from the Lite-on site but when i run it, it says 'no matched drive detected. From what I’ve read, I believe this error is because it is not flashed-fixed or something

I’ve been through several posts. I understand I need to upgrade/flash my firmware. Unfortunately, all the links from the code guys seem to be dead.

would appreciate if someone could assist me. I am using a Gateway GR507GR

here is some more info on my drive

Bus Type ATAPI
F/W Revision BGS4
Date Code 2004/10/26 14:44
FlashROM Manufacturer ID C2
FlashROM Device ID 37
FlashROM Type MXIC(MX29LV008B)(+3.3V)
Region 2
Vendor Resets Available 4
User Resets Available 3
Interleaved DMA Not Supported
Command queuing Not Supported
Overlap operation Not Supported
IORDY Supported
IORDY may be disabled Not Supported
LBA Supported
DMA Supported
Multiword DMA mode 2
PIO mode 4
Ultra DMA Mode 4
Minimum Multiword DMA transfer cycle time per word 120 ns
Manufacturer¡¦s recommended Multiword DMA transfer cycle time 120 ns
Minimum PIO transfer cycle time without flow control 227 ns
Minimum PIO transfer cycle time with IORDY flow control 120 ns
Major version number ATA/ATAPI-5
SMART feature set Not Supported
Security Mode feature set Not Supported
Removable Media feature set Not Supported
Power Management feature set Not Supported
Burst Rate 26.22 MB/S


Simply put:

It’s an old drive. It doesn’t have the best support for media.

The 1633S should do 8x max on DVD-R [12x with an old firmware or when crossflashed]. It is 16x for DVD+R only. If you are offered 16x for DVD-R, it must be in error.

Anywho, it’s been “proven” that these drives don’t need to used for anything higher than 8x on DVD-R, and maybe a max of 12x on DVD+R. Thus, I’d suggest that you stay with the current firmware you have and not worry about it, because you may do more harm than good.

But if you want to do it anyway, there’s an Announcement at the top of the forums about the CodeGuys site. You’ll find what you need there.

After reaching CodeWorks/CodeGuys, click on LiteOn firmwares. Scroll down to 1633S [if you want just 2.4x DVD+R DL burning and 8x DVD-R burning] or 1653S [if you want 12x DVD-R burning and 4x DVD+R DL burning]. I’d suggest using CS0T-patched-crossflashing-multicolored led.

Thanks Albert for the prompt reply

I agree it is an old drive.

I have read some posts where other users have successfully upgrade their firmware and are able to burn 16 x on DVD-R. The Sony 50 pack DVD-R says the speed is 1x -16.

I checked out the announcements from the codeguys site but all the links seem to be dead.


the CodeGuys site is up…I’ll see if I can flash the drive

Official specs [and in practice; I’ve used one of these drives] says that 16x for DVD-R wasn’t available until the SOHW-1673S, to which you can’t flash. And only until the 1673S was 16x really worth anything, for both DVD+R and DVD-R.


Thanks much all your help. I think I’ll just buy an external drive instead of messing with this one.

I’m thinking of Samsung 203B