Need help please with DRW1008 in ext. case



Hello, My first post on here so please be gentle with me, and hopefully give me some advice.!!

I bought a Storex-branded DRW1008 8x drive last week and 6 Philips DVD+R discs with which to begin burning. Having only a laptop, I got myself a nice USB2/Firewire external case and got to testing (connected via USB2). 3 coasters later I found BTC’s website and read that I should download the UI version of the firmware. (For info the 3 burns crashed my PC at 22% complete).

Having updated the FW, I have now got a drive recognised as a USB1008UI and have successfully burnt 2 (4x Philips)DVD+R’s using Nero. The problem now is that it took around 3 hours for each of the discs to burn at 4x! Any ideas on how I can improve the burn time? Is it just a media problem or am I missing something? There doesn’t seem to be any notion of caching or DMA for USB drives that I can find. I’m running XP Home.


Just a thought, if you have a slow laptop that can’t feed the DVD as fast as it wants it, then you get a slow burn.


My laptop is a P4 with 512Mb of RAM and is superfast at everything else, so I don’t think that’s the problem.


For high speed, you definately need USB2 on your laptop. Does yours perhap have only USB1.1??



It’s USB2.


-have you installed sp1? winxp home is supporting usb 2 only when you have installed the sp.

  • defrag your hd this can also be the reason, look here


OK, tried the burner with a fireire connection last night and it still only burnt at 1x, taking over an hour to complete. Will try a defrag of my disks and let you know!