Need help please / dvd player disc or ? problems

Hi, i have two dvd players on my pc, [ 1 pioneer & 1 Liteon ] when i put in a DVD + RW disc in, nothing happens for a while then all i get is " please insert a disk into the drive "
Also as well as that, when i put in a blank DVD+R disc in, then double click i just get a blank page.
When i d/click "My Computor ", the pioneer icon says- DVD-RW Drive [E]
and the liteon icon - DVD/CD-RW [F]
any help is really appreciated

Looks like i haven’t explained myself to good so i’ll try again.
I have been trying to make some backup discs from my own dvd’ movie collection using DVd shrink and dvd decrypter, but have not been successfull using DVD+R or DVD+RW media, i can’t understand it because i have used the same media before downloading from the net and getting nero to change the avi files to dvd files, but i see that it requires DVD+R/RW,DVD-/RW,DVD-R DL, or DVD+ R DL, so is this normal or do i have a problem with my burning software ?
I have only used DVD+R previously, are these other media easy to get hold of?
thanks for any good advise.

If you have a problem playing the burnt DVD+R or +RW in your stand alone player then try to set your burning process for the DVD+R to DVD-ROM and DVD+RW to DVD-ROM also ( see the attachment) may be your problem go away.

This cannot work, just use a real burning app like Nero.

How is the +RW disc rated?

Thanks TCAS for your reply,

When i go to bit setting for the pioneer recorder its like this ;
Disc type Book type New setting set as default

DVD+R n/a DVD ROM Set set as default
DVD+RW n/a DVD ROM Set set as default
DVD+R DL n/a DVD ROM Set set as default
i cannot change the settings on this recorder, all the specs from DVD ROM and onwards are all faded.

Disc settings
Current disc type n/a
Current disk type n/a

On Lite on recorder, i can change the settings but when i close the page it automaticaly reverts back to the origanal, which do not match up

so i don’t know what the heck is going on.

Thankyou to Chef,
I am running Nero 6 Enterprize and after i have used decypter i then use Nero, sorry i wouldn’t have a clue about ratings of the disc, all i can say is the name of the discs manufacturer which is MagMedia.