Need Help Playing DVDs

When I insert a DVD I no longer get prompted to choose an option, If i have Windows Media Player, VLC, and all other programs they stop responding. Explorer encounters problems if i try to manualy explore the disc and try to play it that way.

My DVD make is Lite On DVDRW SHW 1606PS

I jsut can’t seem to play any DVDs anymore :frowning: If ever, Dont think ive tried till now…

Welcome to the forum. You probably have XP pro which left out the drivers to play DVDs, unlike the Home edition. I gave up trying to find drivers and went with a dedicated program. There are probably free ones out there that work but I haven’t found any. Check back as others will have options for you that might work.


:disagree: There are no MPEG2 decoders (not drivers) in XP Home and Pro (Don’t know about MCE).

I (…) went with a dedicated program.
he already tried VLC. And if that fails, there is something wrong with either the drive or the disc.

Does this problem occur with one particular disc or are several discs affected? Are these discs commercially produced or copies on DVD+R/DVD-R?
You might also check if DMA is enabled for your drives:
Modern Liteon drives should be connected to 18" (46cm) 80 wired flat ribbon cables.


Sorry, I meant decoders rather than drivers, and I was not aware that VLC was a stand alone program. Windows Home edition does have the DVD decoders though. I play DVDs with Media Player all the time. Possibly it just turns out that they are included by an OEM?

All discs do not work, and they are commercially produced discs.

DMA is enabled for all the drives aparantly

then try in SAFE MODE.