NEED HELP! Pioneer A09XL burns 8X DVD+R but won't recognize them! :(



Hey folks!

Just bought Pioneer A09XL with Verbatim 16X DVD-R and FUJI 8X DVD+R media.

The thing is Verbatim disks work just perfect. No problems at all, however, I have an issue with FUJI 8X DVD+R media.

My Nero burns FUJI DVD+R media just fine at 8x and even at 12x but after burning Pioneer drive can’t read/recognize burned dvd+r disks.

In Nero I can see that the disk is full, burned, the disk itself shows “burning” but still not readable.

Am I doing something wrong?

I flashed to 1.17 firmware, burned in ISO and UDF/ISO, tried 3 different DVD+R disks still the same result.

Any input will be VERY MUCH appreciated.



I’d try it with another burning app.