Need help picking DVD

Fellow Freaks,

I need some help picking a new DVD drive to buy. I need one (preferably a Lite-On) that can over-read into the lead-in and the lead-out. As well as do sub-channel data and all DVD formats.

Caching Audio is not preferred, and reading protected audio CDs is a must.

My main goal is to extract Audio, rip and play DVDs, and read with CloneCD.

I had a Toshiba M-1612 (or whatever it was) but sadly my drive could not do everything I needed from a DVD so I am back on the hunt.

If someone can run Nero CDspeed and tell me if which drives are capable of over-reading into the lead in and lead out I would appreciate it.


P.S. What is up with the new Lite-On naming scheme anyway? Now they have XJ-166S or something like that. Did they make drastic changes or something? Last I remembered they were named LTD-163. Just curious.