Need help picking a DVD burner



Hello, so my ASUS DRW-24D3ST stopped reading my discs (DVDs/CDs) all of the sudden, today. The drive powers up fine and the PC detects it. Though, it just does not load the discs. Also, I do not hear the reading sound. The LED blinks 3 times and stops. Anyway, I will try opening the drive and cleaning the lens later. Though, for the time being. I want to know which is the best burner from the following list:

LG GH24NSB0 Internal Super Multi Drive SATA Model
Samsung 24X DVD-RW DL Drive (SH-224DB/RSBS)

I do not like my ASUS DRW-24D3ST drive at all. I mean I had a Sony DRU-870S drive and that lasted for 3-4 years. On the other hand this DRW-24D3ST drive is less than 10 months old. The above burners are the only ones I could find in here, sadly and I cannot purchase anything online where I currently live. So, what burner do you suggest I take?

Regards and thanks.

P.S. My old Sony drive was able to burn at 4-18x speed while this ASUS drive could only burn at either 8 or 16x. I tried different media and it did not help. So, it would be nice if my new drive could write at 4-18x.


LG designed its recent drives to only offer a few speeds, like 8x, 16x, etc. The ASUS you’re replacing was a rebadged LG. So you don’t want the GH24NSB0.

The ASUS drives you list are likely to both be LiteOn drives, though the actual drive varies depending on what LiteOn had available when the drive was packaged and shipped. LiteOn’s drives haven’t been bad in recent years.

And the Samsung is a Samsung. :bigsmile:

Now…as for which I would choose? Well, are they all the same price?


Hello Albert, yes they are all the same price give or take 3$. I tried finding the Sony drive that I bought 4 years ago and could not. It was the best burner there is. I wish I bought more than one when I had the chance. I am beginning to dislike LG burners.

P.S. Thanks a lot for all the answers and help over the years.


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Looking at the SH-224DB thread it seems the firmware has some bugs that make it fall back from 6x or 8x to 4x very often, OR it falls to a very slow speed with no warning and takes more than 30 minutes on 12x burns. This isn’t the only Samsung drive that has issues burning at the correct speed, but in this case burn quality is ultimately not that bad. (I do not think Samsung will ever fix the bugs in its drives, either.)

Go for one of the ASUS drives, maybe the B1ST (based on older hardware, but should still have the same specs). And, if you can, get an extended warranty…just in case.


Hi Albert, I guess the SAMSUNG drives are out of the question. So, what is the difference between the ASUS drives. Also, does either of those allow me to burn at 4x to avoid the aggressive power recalibration issue by my current drive.

Edit: Checking newegg reviews. 4000 people are satisfied with the B1 drive. Though, 300 say that the drive dies within a year and also has bad burns. I guess you most people are ok with the drive while others have bad luck.


I don’t know about 4x, but they should at least offer 6x CLV for when you need discs to have a uniform color. But I really wouldn’t focus too much on having a uniform color; it doesn’t really indicate quality or anything.

As I said, they should have the same specs, unless there are small features that ASUS has added to one and not the other.

If the B1ST available to you is based on older hardware than the B5ST available to you, the B1ST would have a slightly larger cache. Both drives would have a cache of 2 MB or less, which is negligible in this day and age, and doesn’t affect quality.

So it’s up to you. You won’t find much difference between them.


Ok, thanks. I guess I can try asking the owners of those drives if they can burn at 4x. Also, I will try finding more stores with more burner options if I can. I do not really know why would they stop selling this amazing Sony drive. It was the greatest burner I ever bought. I guess they want people to replace their burners more often.


Sony-NEC Optiarc (maker of the AD-7240S, which was the base drive for the 870S) ended business some time ago. Sony (the separate entity) no longer bothers to rebadge optical drives, either.

I would also say you’re not going to find anything better than what’s available. Only LG, LiteOn, and Samsung make DVDRW drives, and everything else is pretty much a rebadge. (Small exception: QSI makes Pioneer’s DVDRW drives, which aren’t actively being promoted if they’re still available at all; and Panasonic focuses on slim drives, with the rare rebadge of another brand for half height desktop drives).

Don’t try too hard to find old stock of an Optiarc drive.


That is really sad. You know my Sony drive is still operational (more or less). I mean it can read discs but whenever I try to write, the drive works for 10 seconds then the power gets interrupted. Disconnecting the power and reconnecting it solves the problem until I try to burn again.

Can any of the ASUS drive above handle Sony (Ritek) DVDs efficiently? Those are the only DVDs I can find in here. The others are brands I have not heard of before and they are terrible.


There’s a saying that LiteOn drives are the best drives for average media, and I would expect that to be true. That said, if you’re using the DVD-R, I am personally a fan of RitekF1, and I think it works well with LiteOn drives (from what I’ve seen). If you’re using the DVD+R, it should be about the same, but there are multiple types of Ritek DVD+R so I can’t say for sure.


Thanks a lot, Albert. I will ask about the speeds possible for the those ASUS burners and see if someone has them.