Need Help Or Is Just The Program



Well I have tried thing that have been sugguest on this Form about this program and guess what after waiting 4hrs 30 Mins my Computer gave me this error message

A copy of this information should be sent to

Filename : C:\Program Files\MovieJack3\MJRipper.exe

Version : 3.08.018

Module : 0c04f701

Exception : c0000005

Address : 0042c526

Access Type : write

Access Address : 00000000

Registers : EAX=0000797a CS=001b EIP=0042c526 EFLGS=00010202

: EBX=00000111 SS=0023 ESP=0012d3e0 EBP=0012d458

: ECX=00000001 DS=0023 ESI=0055d3a8 FS=003b

: EDX=00000000 ES=0023 EDI=0012d470 GS=0000

Stack Trace : 00423e11 004b459b 004b477e 004b00f6

: 004b2a8a 004b3392 004b0bbf 0042d94e

: 004bc978 004bc718 77d445e0 77d42d99

: 77d43484 77d443e1 77d644ee 77d521e5

: 77d423e5 77d4468c 77d446e1 77d53993

: 004bd51d 004b0bd6 004b24f3 004b2578

: 77d43a5f 77d43b2e 77d43d6a 77d43dd0

: 77d5f4ba 004b3e7f 004b2223 ffbe91e8

Not Happy

If some could tell me how to fix up this program I would be much happy becuse I would Purchase this…!!! becuse I think it the best program out these when they getting to run with no errrors or 100 %

if anybody can help please help and I have also email 3 times with No Sucuess…!!! (NO REPLAY)