Need help on Verbatim 32x12x40x

hi, i’m kind of new to this forum and dunno much.

i just got my CenDyne 32x12x40x today. i found out it’s actually a verbatim since the model # is VBT321240A.

i saw all these threads about overclocking or flashing these cdrw drives. so i was wondering what can i do to upgrade this drive. i read somewhere that verbatim are actually lite-ons?? so can i just overclock it just as if it’s a lite-on even though the model number shows to be a verbatim?

just lookin for some help. any advice is appreciated. thx in advance!! :slight_smile:

Have you read the sticky threads about overclocking and firmware flashing? Your answer may be there.

That drive is a Lite-On LTR-32123S. Now by reading the sticky threads you will know the answer…

oh… ok. i got it… guess that was what i needed. thx. now i know what to do.