Need help on the naming in My Computer

i just got a Nec ND-3550a dvd writer. i am burning with an up to date version of nero 6. for some reason after i burn a dvd or a cd the naming in My Computer changes from DVD-RW to CD drive. i have tried it in another computer and it still has the problem. i have already flashed the drive to latest firmware. so what is wrong

Probably nothing. See if this helps.:wink: Are you sure the discs are not blank?

sorry but i am not sure how that site will help. i am sure the dvd’s are blank. they write flawlessly. but its just that after its done writing the drive’s name changes to CD drive even when ther eis nothing in there. the only way to get the dvd-rw name back is to restart or but any media in there and eject it. but i want it to just change back to the name DVD-RW drive after i am done writing

Ok I get it your drive is not refreshing itself ( for lack of a better term) in Windows after you have burned media. Can you posts your computer specs or a Nero Info tool log (in

 tags) so we can have a look. You could also try swapping the IDE cable and see if that helps.:)

i have tried it in two computers and it still has the problem. i have attached the whole nero infotool log.

That is a normal quirk of Windows. Pioneer drives are bad for not refreshing themselves or the tray closing when you leave it open and reboot!

Your log looks fine but I may have missed something. Does disabling IMAPI services change anything? It has been known to cause grief with some users.