Need help on picking a drive, dont know much at all

hey, i want to get into burning cds and dvds
but i dont know anything about burners to know which to get.
i want to be able to burn dvd movies that you can play from any dvd player.
and regular album cds.
i will be selling these so speed would help if i was to make alot.
can you give some suggestions on which burners to look at?
would i be better off getting a seperate burner for dvd and seperate for cd this way its alot faster?
and what programs will i need?
feel free to give any any advice and tips
thnx alot in advance

I would’ve helped you but the sentence I highlighted above suggests that you want to obtain this information in regards to illegal CD/DVD duplication (aka Warez).

Warez discussion is not allowed on this forum. :disagree:

lol, selling burned discs in 2006? In 1996 I could have understood but =P

Oh well, better your “costumers” buy original discs than pirate copies from you, that will help them to get better products in the future.