Need help on lg burner



hi all i have a lg dvd burner gsa-4120B fimware-115
all my burnering programs wont let me burn at 2x speed
just 4x speed or higher
i have tryed different media


Use 2x media. :slight_smile:


Also, burning at 2x is not automatically better than 4x (or above). It will depend on the firmware and media.


is ther anyway i can burn 2x on 4x or 8x media


As I said, it will depend on the media, assuming the LG 4163 does 2x.

If it is 2x capable, someone should be able to say which media is appropriate.


I imagine it’s more likely that it would -R media which will burn at 2x, as +R was 2.4x, IIRC?

Using DVDInfo Pro, all my 4x-R discs have a 2x write option, but none (so far) of my 8x -R discs - this in my LG 4163.

I don’t buy 4x media any more, as there are difficult to find and cost as much as 8x media.


Use 4X media and you can choose either 4X or 2X burn speed. 8X media will only allow you to choose 8X or 4X. I have the 4120b with A115 FW too.


Burning at 2x to 4x DVD media doesn’t necessarily improve burn quality. Millions of experienced users have burned at 8x using RICOHJPNR01, RICOHJPNR02, MCC002, MCC003, YUDEN000T01, YUDEN000T02… and many other types of media. Successfully burned disks still last. Instead of burning at 2x using MCC002 or YUDEN000T01, use MCC004 for 8x burning.