Need help on how to use clone dvd?

Is there a tutorial somewhere ,im checking out the software and when i insert a dvd it says it cant do protected dvds.There all protected. do you use a ripping software then use clone or will clone do the whole 9 yards…Ive been using spruce and dvd2one… Thanks

Rip with DVD Decrypter (Defaults! File Mode > all files) then point CloneDVD to the files (user case 1).

Rip with DVD Shrink, get the files down to 4.38 GB, then point CloneDVD to the files (user case 3).

Load up AnyDVD and rip with CloneDVD (user case 1) then write (user case 3).

Google is your friend and CloneDVD help files are great.

are copy protected and clone want rip them.The method
you said any dvd and have clone dvd rip it no way ,what dvd isn’t protected…? or am i missing something here …

>am i missing something here

I suspect so.