Need help on how to play Windows audio/video files on a CD/DVD player



Hi All,

I wasn’t sure which form was the best one to ask this question so I’m starting here. Please have patience with me as I don’t know much about what I want to do and need your expertise.

I have three types of video clips in my computer. I want to put some of them on a playable disk so I can watch them on my television. The following formats are what I want to transfer and play: 1) Movie clips-(.MPEG), 2) Windows media audio/video files- (.WMV), and 3) Video clips- (.AVI).

I have several DVD/CD players and they play the following types of media:

  1. 3 Sony players: CD-Roms in Video CD format, Video CD’s, and DVD videos.
  2. JVC player: DVD videos and Video CDs.

All feedback is greatly appreciated. If my players cannot play the video clips can you please tell me what kind of a player I would need to buy that would play the three video formats.

Thank you all for your help.:confused:


Although this program is not free it works very well, it is a try before you buy.


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[QUOTE=~Jethro~;2091326]Although this program is not free it works very well, it is a try before you buy.[/QUOTE]

I concur this problems works good to convert the format over to dvd format to play on standalone. But there might be other free versions you can try as well to test which one works for you.