Need help on how to copy dvd

i have recently found out that u could copy your dvd collection. if any problems arise with them getting scratched lost etc. i was like wow pretty cool (cuz i have had movies scratched and werent able to play certain areas of the disc cuz they were scratched). so i read in on how to copy dvds.

i downloaded dvddecrypter and also got 1clickdvdcopy.

trying to copy underworld evolution.

installed oneclick then installed dvddecrypter

opened dvddecryter it reconized the disc so i click the start button didnt actually fool around with any of the options when started was getting errors cant tell u actually the names of the errors i was getting but errors. so i read on line a little further and see that sony has some new thing where they deliberatly have errors so programs would think the dvd is scratched. thought to myself maybe thats the problem and i cannot copy newer dvds cuz i did have success copying underworld with with oneclick but didnt need dvd decrypter or maybe i did dont remember. so i gave up and read i little more and also saw that if the dvd decrypter isnt working properly that u need some atsc for your dvd reader/burner to reconize the some sort of file.

i have tried multiple programs on copying dvds but im having problems with new dvds cuz they updated there protection against copying. have copied older dvd without any problem.

another thing is when i downloaded one clickdvd and put underworld evolution reconized disc and i clicked burn it gave me copy right need dvd42 to take out css encryption got the program and installed it clicked it and dvd42 reconized there was a disc but the dvd burner was makin a funny noise and wasnt reconizing the disc when i went to my computer it didnt show a dvd was in there. when i uninstalled the program it reconized the movie and could play it.

what im a doing wrong and whats should i do to solve the problem

i apologize for rambling on but im really frustrated i have spent hours on reading the forum guide and downloading the programs with no luck.

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You’ll probably get more help in the Copy DVD forum… so I’ll move this there.

Probably the easiest way for you is to use RipIt4Me.
On the download page there is the RipIt4Me installer which will put things in the proper order. Be sure to read the excellent guide.

RipIt4me and DVDFab Decrypter are two of the best solutions, and both are free.

One you get the disk ripped to your hard drive, minus the encryption, you can use tools like DVD Shrink to help backup the movie. You can choose to re-author, so that it takes away all the menus, fbi warning, etc. and lets you fit it on to a single DVD blank.

Mr Bass has some good tutorials, by the way:

Including one for DVD Shrink:

And one for DVD Ripping in General:

Best of luck.