Need help on how to burn a dvd

i’m using dvdshrink 3.2 to copy a dvd to a my HD and then burn to a DVD+R. the problem is that after i copied the DVD to the HD, the picture quality is lower and blurry compare to the original dvd. the reason is because the compression ratio is too low, ~50 percent. is there a way to retain the good picture quality? would making the dvd widescreen help? what about using dvdxcopy? would that help some? thx

The best way to get the quality to come up is to have less to compress. So if you reauthor it with just the main movie and then check the compression settings you can remove some of the audio streams and that should help. Sometimes there are multiple camera angles and if you don’t want them you can remove those as well.

as above, strip from the dvd everything you can live without. use the re-author feature too, to cut the begining and end of the dvd to where you want. my personal preference is to aim for no less than 90% in dvd shrink when i am finished eliminating everything i don’t want. below that i will consider using dvd rebuilder+CCE 250, or just split the dvd to 2 dvds by chapters with dvdshrink…saving, say, 15 chapters to one ISO, 15 to another ISO, then burning them to 2 dvdz.

the easy way is to remove things like special features, 3 different 5.1 sourround sound options, languages etc, that way the unessicery things will not be kept and more room is there for quality, your dvds main movie quailty will be virtually unoticable from the original if its above 75%, but just remember that if your are planning to watch your dvd on the tv is will look fine at the 50% you currently have as a tvs resoulution (unless its a fancy hi def-tv) is only 640x480, and no, dvdxcopy is no better, mazbe worse, plus the company (321) have been sued to close now. hope that helps, ben.