Need help on Firmware flash on my re-badge benq dw1640

Hi, I have a daul format/double layer Internal Hal-Val DVD RAM model HDVD168DL. On my computer it read as a BENQ DVD DC DQ60.
I was told this is a re-badge BENQ DW1640.

I downloaded the files and follow the instruction from this link to update my firmware on my optical drive,

When I try to flash it using the BQflasher and bslb file I downloaded from that link. I got an error message 3/4 way through. Error message read “flash command fail”.

I was then given another link to download a different bslb.

I try flashing again after I downloaded the bslb-1 from that link. Once again, 3/4 way through the error message “flash command fail” pops up again.

Is there something I’m doing wrong? Can someone help me with this.



DQ60 is not a rebadge of 1640 :slight_smile:

one thing for sure is that 1640 cant handle DVD-RAM :slight_smile:

Ok, so does anyone know how I can flash new firmware to my dvd drive?

Hi Jason
StormJumper again just wanted to check on your progress on this issue :bigsmile:
I see you are still having problems :sad:
The last time we talked about this issue don’t remember you saying anything about it reads as a BenQ DQ60 :confused:
have you tried the firmware for that burner if not you may find the firmware at the link below

Tim :cool:

PS…since it is for that burner I dont think you need to flash it BUT not sure

Ok the link in this forum that you gave me seem to work ok, so disregard the other message I sent u.

I’m gonna try flashing it with that tonight and I’ll let you know if it work or not.
Thanks for the help.


I just got done trying to load the firmware flash MREC from this link
for my BENQ DQ60, but getting this error message, “Can’t load firmware into memory” when trying to load it using BQFlasher.


BQFlasher does not support the Panasonic chipset based DQ60 drive.
If you drive identifies as DQ60, you can directly flash MREC.