Need help on dvd-r

Hey, i have a sony handycam that uses dvd-r. I was wondering what program I need to read these cds. FYI, the dvd-r is “Sony Handycam DVD-R AccuCORE”.


So, it seems your problem it is not about dvd-r but the format Sony uses for the camera to record the discs.
You should have software for that in your camera package, but I’ve seen marketing messages from Sony saying you can use the discs direct from the camera to a home player, if this is the case you could use any DVD software player like PowerDVD or WinDVD.
It may also happen that you get Mpeg2 files, so you can connect your camera to the PC and try to open the files from the software player via My Computer, where the camera will show as a removable drive (and you can explore the contents).

Best way is to capture the files with a video editor that can capture Mpeg2 and its easier after you get the files to your HDD.

Would be Mini-DVD-R media and will be recorded in DVD-R VR format most likely.
Normally such an camera comes with a cd containing all necesary tools and softwares.