Need help on DVD backups

Hello everyone. I just have a few questions on backing up dvd’s Im a little unsure on what to get so any help would be appreciated. I run Windows 2000 and was thinkingd about picking up a dvd burner this weekend. Does it matter which brand name? Are there any I definitly want to stay away from?
As far as the software goes I was thinking Coxp X Platinum. Will this work? Is they anything better? If so, please make suggestions. I appreciate everones time that replies. Thanks.

Lite-On or NEC would be my recommendation. There is a comparison thread floating around the Recording Hardware forum (it may have been stickied). I suggest you look there and compare you needs against the feature lists.

Commercial DVD backup software runs the gamut from good to atrocious. Fortunately, there are a number of completely free solutions. If you want a quick transcoder, I recommend using DVD Shrink- you can backup a DVD in a bit over an hour from start to finish. People have been getting good results with this completely free program. And complexity wise, it is probably just as easy to use as most of the commercial programs, if not easier.

The only alternative I would recommend would be DVD Rebuilder (also free). DVD Rebuilder does a full reencode of the movie, which takes anywhere from 2 to 6 hours depending upon the speed of your computer. The upside is that quality is much better than any transcoder out there. I use this method and have yet to see any macroblocking or visible artifacts (defects) in the copy. You can use a free encoder or you can buy a professional grade encoder (CCE) for $58 to use with DVD-RB.


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Sorry Upstech - on to your questions,

You will never get a definitive answer on which is the best DVD burner everyone here has their own preferences (that’s why there are so many different areas on the site). Same for transcoders - lots and lots to pick from.

For what it’s worth - my signature tells you what I’m using (burnwise) and for 90% of all backups I use Clone DVD v2. YES I know there are programmes which give better resolution, and I use them all (on extremely large DVDs such as Lord of the Rings) but I don’t want to spend half a day backing up a DVD when 40 minutes tops will do the same job and, in all honesty, there is little discernable difference for the majority of backups.

Of the two burners, the NEC 2500A gives far better burn results - but on the downside it’s a crappy DVD reader. The LiteON is picky on media (finally found a firmware that gives reasonable results with Ritek -Rs) but a fantastic reader. If you want to see comparative data search for threads I have posted showing KProbe results - then decide for yourself.

if you’re after an 8x speed dvd burner i can recommend this optorite [price is in AU$]. note it supports HD-BURN which is great.

as for software to backup DVDs, then i suggest you cut your teeth on dvdshrink and dvd decrypter [both free], then take it from there.