Need help on configuring overburning with Plextor Premium & Nero 5.5

I’m currently doing some hard drive file backups with Nero, and I’m using a Plextor Premium drive that I recently bought to replace a Plextor 40x drive that was dying on me. One thing I’ve noticed is that I used to be able to burn about 702-705 meg or so to a disc with the 40x drive, but the Premium gives me an error if I try to burn much over 690 meg. I know that I can burn considerably more to a CD using PlexTools and the GigaRec settings, but they’re so slow compared to the standard burn procedure in Nero I don’t like to use them unless I have an incredibly huge amount of data to put on a CD. Any ideas which settings I should change? I’ve tried the advanced settings in Nero, but they seem to have no effect.

Are you using Nero v5.5.10.50? It has an ‘overburning bug’ which prevents the drive from burning a full 700MB disc. Please upgrade to the latest Nero version. This fixes the bug. Report back if you’re already using the latest version.