Need Help on compression



well ill start here

i have old video’s of my old holidays and i want to put them onto DVD there is 5 parts of 45mins thats 225mins, i have them already in mpeg2’s but each part is 3.2 gig , why is it soo much? , at least 2 dvd’s for all 5?
can anybody help me on how to compress these and also be Vob files for dvd




Use TMPGEnc Plus (Wizard) to re-encode and TMPGEnc DVD Author for making vobfiles.


can u give me the best bitrates and all that for best quality and compression plz




the “best bitrate” will always be the highest you can manage given the space allowed.


If you’ve got Nero 6, try Nero Vision Express. Drop them in, merge them and add chapter stops. Play with the bitrate till it fits on the blank if NVE can’t do it automatically.