Need help on changing the Hub dia. and outside dia.of my template

Ihave pieced together a DVD template with the photos I want but when I print it out its only a small 2" diameter in the upper right corner of the test sheet lable. I am using Sure thing software. I can’t figure out how to resise the template and center it so it will print on an HP Tattoo lable. Can anyone help me out? :confused:


I have SureThing labeler.
I don’t quite follow you but do you use the CD Wizard where you pick the label stock from? Like HP 2 up, or 3 up.
How many labels do you have on a sheet? That is what you go by.

I use surething labels and have no problems. Never used HP ones.
The label is what you start with. Then you put your image and typing on it.

Here is a label I made this morning.

Nice lable Urlee! I downloaded the trial version of sure thing but didn’t get what I wanted untill I found Acoustica. It has settings for HP’s Tattoos which is what I am printing my lables on. So far they are turning out very nice :iagree:

Thank you, and I am happy to hear you found what to use.
Making labels is fun fun.