Need Help On Burning This Dvd

Well… I am not computer alliterate but I don’t really messa round with Dvd burning that much. Anyway yesterday I downloaded two movies off torrent website. Now that they are done I would like to burn them on a dvd. I have no idea what to do. I have nero but wasn’t sure if I can burn it on there? Also the files are in .Avi is that alright?

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Providing that movies you downloaded are legal, aka no pirated stuff :wink: how to burn on a disc is related on what you want to do.

Nobody can know if movies are avi, because we don’t know what you have downloaded. To check what the movies are, right click on the file and select “Properties”: in this way you can see if the file is an avi or something different.

If you plan to watch that movie on a standalone player, be sure that your standalone is able to read avi files. If your standalone is not able to play avi files, then the avi must be first converted on a standalone-compatible format.

There are too many possibilities, so we need some more information :slight_smile:

Let’s start from the beginning. What file type is? Is it an .avi or a bunch of .vob, .ifo and .bup files?


Do you want to watch that movie on a standalone or on your computer?

Any Dvd player… standalone and my computer.

This makes more complicate things, because the avi must be first converted in dvd video and then burned on a disc.

You can find some conversion guides here

Well… what program do I need to convert?

Also… Waht do I want to convert it to? AVI to …

There are many possibilities. Read the guides for more details.

After I have converted it… what program would use use to burn? nero, Dvd Shrink? What?

After the conversion you can use any burning software you like. Nero is good.

After the conversion, you should have a set of .ifo .bup and .vob files on your hard disc.

Run nero and select “new compilation” --> DVD video

Then copy all .vob .ifo and .bup files on the “VIDEO_TS” folder, leaving the “AUDIO_TS” folder empty, and finally burn on the disc.