Need help on burning rmvb to DVD



Hi, I juz bought a Benq DW 1670 and installed Nero 7. How do burn rmvb to DVD? I’m new to this, not even started burning anything.


By creating a plain Data DVD with that files on it.

.rmvb files are pirated copies in 99% of all cases.


Are tv serials consider pirated?


Do you mean tv series?
They are surely copyrighted, but depends on the laws of your country how that is managed…

Just open up Nero, choode DVD, then Data DVD nd add the files to your compilation. Then burn.


it takes abt 3 hours to burn a 4X DVD-RW, is it normal?


Wrong, it surely requires that time to TRANSCODE and then burn…


TRANSCODE? What is it actually?



i can’t play the files in dvd player wif the method u said. can we review this together?


I tried converting a rmvb to DVD using WinAvi (200mb -> 2gb) then used Nero recode to burn into DVD. Total time > 40mins.

I think I’m doing it in the wrong way. Don’t you think so?


i use winavi to convert rmvb to dvd.

Incidentally, my rmvb are fansubs of unlicense animes.

I do have a problem…the winavi does not have a “menu” creation tool. I find this problematic considering that I am making a collection of videos.