Need help on burning dvd

i have DVD+RW dvds im trying to burn on they are 4.7 GB
my problem is im trying to burn a movie thats an iso as well as i have naother copy that is avi

im using nero 8 but it keeps telling me the file is to big to fit on the disc even though the file is either 2.99gb as an iso or700 mb as a avi

so i cant figure out how to either shrink or convert or whatever it is to get it onto the dvd so i can play it in a dvd player

any help with instructions would be great hope i gave all the necessary info

I gave up on Nero in its last incarnation, so I can’t help you with Nero 8. I burn all my video files with a free program called ImgBurn. While you wait for someone with experience using Nero 8 to chip in, you should download ImgBurn and try your files with it.

In E-Z mode (which is the mode it will start in) ImgBurn offers you the choice of writing an image file to a disc. Choose this for your ISO.
For your avi file, choose Write folders/files to a disc.

Set your burning speed, make a title and go to it. This should work with no problems. You can download ImgBurn for free from here: and you should look through the guides to its use at their forums:

It doesn’t do everything Nero can…it won’t convert avi to dvd or compress size, but ImgBurn is a fine program for burning and working with ISO’s and even regular files.

Great advice above, but if you want to convert your AVI to Dvd compliant files, you could use Dvd Flick, FAVC or the free trial of ConvertXtoDvd.

It looks like you are trying to burn mpeg4 to DVD.
DVD is mpeg2 so Nero will try to re encode the format that is why it tells you your file will not fit.
Convert it first and than burn it. ImgBurn is grate, but will not compress the file if larger than to fit on DVD5, you will have to use Nero Recode to do it or shrink it first before burning with ImgBurn.
Unless your player is DivX compatible, than ImgBurn will burn ISO, but the file could be XviD in which case it may not play on DivX compatible player.