Need help on building a mini-itx system

hi all,
im in the process of building a mini-itx system in my living room to act as a media center. can anyone point me in the direction of a place i can get an adapter for a laptop dvd drive ( atapi to ide ). the only place i can find is and the shipping to the U.S. is twice as much as the actual adapter:eek:
also any suggestions on where to pick up a cheap laptop dvd drive would be very welcome.

Hi logik, welcome to the board! I have changed your thread title from help to something more descriptive and moved it to the right forum.

thanks, and um…sorry for the mispost

Did you buy this system already?

If not, I’d suggest to take a look at the MSI MegaPC, as this is even better than an ITX system, when it comes to a small system for multimedia usage…

no i havent bought any system. im really stuck on the via epia m10000 mobo though. im not really interested in buying a preconfigured system as i like the freedom of assembly and modification that comes with building your own from scratch.