Need help on bitsetting



Hi, sorry if this is a stupid question: I just flashed my 3520A with Liggy and Dee’s 1.UF and I’m trying to change the new bitsetting in Nero. Is there a way to make DVD+RW change back to using DVD-ROM booktype instead of DVD+RW? I keep trying to set it to DVD-ROM and it stays as DVD+RW. Any suggestions please?


Hi :wink:
When looking at CDSpeed note two columns the left tells you the actual drive setting ( Book Type ) the right ( New Setting )what you can change to
Yours tells you that DVD+/RW is set to DVD-Rom
DVD+ is set to DVD+R
DVD+DL is set to DVD+DL
Just click on the appropriate set button ensuring that there’s no disc in the drive
See also


Use WinBType.



oh geez that was stupid. Thanks for the help!
I have a new question though, is there a way to reset my settings remaining when I run out somehow? (down to 495 now)


The Liggy & Dee mod Firmware BinFlash’s have this function…