Need help on a external DVD Burner?



I’m looking for some help on getting started, I have a notebook and i’m looking for the easy to use/best out there external dvd burner. I really don’t understand much about +R, -R, R, RW i’m just getting confused :frowning: . I tried to read other threads but there’s so many answers. I’m not sure how the other’s are compare to me looking for an external hooking up to my USB port i’m guessing? Well the price doesn’t matter has long as it’s easy to use. I want to back-up movies I have to take overseas with me. Any help I thank you :bow:


Your best bet is to get a burner already made for external use, USB is the most versatile. Liteon has a few good models as does LG. Look to for a start. Don’t fall for anything with a brand name (Sony, HP, etc.) they are just the usual makers with a huge markup. Make sure you have USB 2.

The different DVD types, - and + are not consequential unless you have a player that is older. They can have trouble with +R. RW is just reusable like CD RWs and are more expensive and less stable. I would avoid DL as they are expensive and harder to burn. If you haven’t looked at software, I can recommend AnyDVD and CloneDVD from

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Thanks I’m still looking around the internet,
I heard alot about Pioneer DVR-111? Is this a good burner and I think I found it external, Also I have USB ports but what do you mean by USB 2?
I will check out anydvd and clonedvd but I seen DVD CLONE 4 is this a good software? Does it work the same? Thanks


I’m currently checking these out does anyone recommend any or has any of these from here

LITE-ON Black USB 2.0 20X DVD±R External DVD Burner with 12X DVD-RAM Write and LightScribe Model LH-20A1HX - Retail
Lite-On SHW-160P6SU EZ DUB External CD / DVD DrivesView Pic LITE-ON Black USB 2.0 External DVD Burner Model SHW-160P6SU EZ DUB - OEM
LITE-ON Black USB 2.0 16X DVD±R External DVD-Dual Drive Model EZ-DUB SOHW-1673SU - Retail
LITE-ON Black USB 2.0 External 16X DVD±R DVD Burner With 5X DVD-RAM Write Model SHM-165P6SX - Retail

_i’m still not understanding the difference or what’s better, So can someone just decide for me so I can get started please thanks


How about

Mad Dog Multimedia MD-18XTLAE LightScribe 18X Triple Format DVD±RW External Drive


Mad Dog use be repackaged of NEC drives which are good drives, so depend what is in side of Mad Dog box at this time.


The 1673 is very old while the 20X speed drive is the latest. The 165 and 160 are the same with the 165 supporting RAM.

I would go for the 165 or the 20X, but if you can find a Pioneer 111 external I would go for it. I have seen them made out of after-market enclosures but not factory made.

I would not buy any NEC drives anymore. They have had a lot of trouble since their 4500 series and are very erratic in their build quality.