Need help on 32123s

After I flashed the 32123s with firmware XS0X, I forgot to reboot and ran Nero. Nero showed that the drive is only an 8x drive. After a reboot, it comes back to 32x but the buffer becomes 1984KB, not 2MB. CDs burned from this drive are not readable. I try to use OC-Freak’s binary image but it won’t help. The buffer is still 1984KB. Please help … :bow:


After upgrade buffer is 1984k that is normal.

Try other discs and see if they are readable then.

i have no problems at all afther upgrading the firmware.

What media do you use?? And what speed do you write on?
(is it a cdrw??)

I tried TDK 80min/700MB CDR burning at 24x and 12x. Both Nero and Lite-on smartburn detector detected that these discs are 24x. These discs can be burned on my 12x TDK with no problem.


I’ve had some problems with Nero when I burned .bin + .cue images with the LiteOn 32123S. But the problem was Nero and not the drive itself, but I took some time to discover it. Maybe it’s the same for you.

So, try to upgrade your version of Nero, or try with another prog to see if your problem is gone.

Hope it will help :wink:

See you.

I am using 5.8.x.x version of nero. I tried EZCD creator 5.1 also. All the burns from both software finished. But, the discs are not readable by at least 3 cdrom drives.

With my old TDK 12x writer, I have no problem burning with both software.


I installed the latest nero Tried to burn the TDK CDR at 8x and 16x (without smart-burn). Still the same, the discs are not readable.

Tried an Imation 80min/700MB (rated 32x) and it works at 32x.

The bottom color of the TDKs are blue and that of the Imations are gold. Does it make any difference?


ever since i installed a 32123s on my puter i can’t use tdk blanks and yes they are dark blue but pny and imation that are somewhat gold and greenish work fine.i use clonecd a lot and calibrate my laser everytime i burn.somebody told me that liteons have weak lasers-don’t know if it’s true.

Thanks alsho. I will stick with the non-dark blue discs.


IMO the old blue TDK made discs is crap quality, about as bad as old blue CMC magnetics discs…

Just my experience though.