Need help - new to forums



First of all: Hi. New to your fine forum.

Second: If appropriate, maybe a mod could rename my thread and move it to the correct forum.

Then my problem:

I have a Pioneer DVR-440H DVD recorder (can play DivX .avi files) which I use to wach divx and DVD on my TV. I also have a BenQ DVD+RW drive on my computer.

Now, I’ve downloaded 3 1/2 seasons of “One Tree Hill” for my sister to watch, but for some reason, my Pioneer won’t play my DVD+Rs with divx files on them.

All I wanted to do is to get 11 episodes of OTH (still in divx format) onto a DVD+R that my Pioneer DVR-440H can read.

First time I tried, I tried to use Direct Letter Access - Didn’t work. The file system ended up as UDF, and my particular player can’t read that.

So I checked some DVDs (with Babylon 5 divx files) which my friend had burned for me, which does work, and noted 2 differences:

  • The file system was CDFS
  • The media was DVD-R, not DVD+R

I managed to correct the first difference by installing and using Nero (version which allowed me to burn with CDFS instead of UDF.

However, my PC can’t burn DVD-R disks. But I can’t imagine how that should be a problem, since the Pioneer can record and read both media types.

So I burned another one, still didn’t work. Works on all my computers, but NOT on the Pioneer.

I thought it might be some compatibility issue with the files themselves, but when I used a normal CD-R the Pioneer would work perfectly.

Even tried to use a Memorex disk instead of the cheap PC line disks I had been using, but to no avail.

I really have no idea of what to do, and the search function isn’t helping.



May be the episodes or data you are trying to burn are/is protected data if that so then you can’t do it also consider “Memorex” disc is cheap quality disc not the good one try to use “Sony or Fuji of Maxell” made in Japan or Verbatim brand.


If there was copy protection, or other issues with the files, I doubt they would work just by using a CD instead of a DVD.

I managed to burn a CD the Pioneer DVR-440H could understand, but I want to get it on DVDs simply because a season would take 11 CDs but only 2 DVDs.

(The disks my friend gave me, which works, are TDK DVD-R, if that makes a difference. I wouldn’t think it would.)

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