Need Help! New burner is giving me problems

I previously had an External Pioneer 108 Dvd Burner and I never had any problems with it until it stopped working completly. I purchased a Benq burner and a new external housing. It burns fine, the problem is that my dvd player does not play the Dvd’s anymore. They always played after I used the Pioneer but now they are not playing. Please help , Thanks

Hi :slight_smile:
Need more info BenQ which model/firmware/bitsetting - external housing make/chipset.

I’m going to jump out on a limb here and say that I bet you are using cheap (crap) media. Pioneer’s are much better are working with low grade media than some other burners. What is the brand and media code of the media you are using.

I am using DvD Shrink and Nero to burn. The Benq’s model number is DW-1620.
I really appreciate all help. I am not sure about Bitsettings

THe enclosure I am using did not come with the Benq. I just went to a computer closeout store and they threw it together. Also the front of the Benq just says Dvd+RW. The Blank Media I am using is DVD-R and I have used them before with no problem. THanks

And you are sure the DMA is on.
Changing around drives Windows may have decided to disable it for you.

May not be but never hurts to check it.


My DMA is fine. It is burning correctly and at the same speed. The only problem is the dvd’s that I burn will not play in the same players that they used to play in. I use to have a Pionerr DVR 108 now I have the Benq DW 1620. One of my DVD playerrs says check Regioanl Code. Please help

Maybe you have read this too fast, DssFuture… If you use cheap discs, the Benq 1620 won’t burn the discs as well as the Pioneer.

Exactly what discs (brand, model, rated speed) do you use?

I am using 8x Staples Brand and it burns at 12x.

OK, so you have cheap discs (Staples is not a “real” brand"), and burn them at higher speeds than the rated speed.

Burn your discs @8X instead, see if they play correctly. If they don’t, try 6X.

Did you burn the same discs also @12X on you 108?

Also, on this board we try to always check the mediacode of the discs, not only the brand. You can check this by using dvdidentifier (free).

Agree here. Since DVD’s are getting pretty cheap I would just go get a 5 pack or so of quality media and give it a try. Give Sony, Verbatium, Maxell or TDK media a try and see what the results are.

BTW Are you burning the same DVD’s that you were in your Pioneer 108 drive? I recently ran into problems with playing backup discs in a sony DVD player. I found out it was new copy protection that has come out on newer discs. I switched over to DVDFAB and have not had anymore problems.

I don’t use the highest quality media myself. I use Ritek media which I purchase online at, even though I have heard bad things about Ritek I have never had any problems with the media in my Pioneer DVR-109 recorder.

[off topic]Just curious, do you use +R or -R Ritek discs on the 109? With which firmware version? :slight_smile: [/off topic]

I am using DVD+R series discs. My Pioneer DVR-109 is using version 1.58 software. I tried using the buffalo software but it did not work on my Pioneer. I was using DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter for creating backups, however recently I have switched over to DVDFAB. So far I have not had any problems with the copy. I use the backups in my Sony DVD Changer.

I suspected that (-R Riteks and the 109 are not a great combination). Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

No problem. I should also note that the Ritek discs I am using are 8X and I don’t try to burn over 8x :slight_smile: From what I have seen on my hardware it’s only taking about 10 minutes to burn the discs and 20 minutes to break the copy protection and compress the DVD.