Need help! NEC 3550A DEAD?

I updated my firmware to the 1.y6 couple weeks ago, and its working fine without any problems. However, I disconnected all my computer component so I can set up my system in a new case, and now, the drive is dead. It won’t read any CDs, whenever I insert a CD into the drive, the drive would spin and then stop, not only that, my whole computer is dead too, I have to press the reset button to restart it.

And everytime when I tried to run the 1.y6 BINFLASH utility, my pc freeze too, so I have to press reset button again.

The computer do recognize my drive and the firmware. I don’t know what’s the problem, please help me out.

Was anything new added to the PC when you transferred the components over to the new case?
If not, then it sounds like the IDE cable may be damaged or wrongly connected.

Well, I tried many different cables, and nothing new is added.

If the IDE cable is the problem, then why would it happen to all the different cables that I had tried?

Check the ide connector pins of the NEC and motherboard, one pin could be damaged.

I do not understand why you guys claim that the IDE cable or connector is the problem.

I also restore my computer to the earlier stage where it’s working before, but same problem still exist, so I’m pretty sure that it’s not the software problem.

Also, I noticed that the drive is not spinning or shaking. Before, it would make a loud noise when spinning, and the drive is also shaking too.

We are not claiming anything. We are trying to help by presenting an educated guess at what the problem might be, given the information you presented in your first post.

The drive was working before you moved the components into another case. Our guess is either the drive is connected incorrectly or something has been damaged during the process of moving the components over to the new case.