Need Help! My DVD+RW Became Unreadable After I Abort Nero Burning

I am using the latest version of Nero. I was burning data on a DVD+RW, but I hit cancel and abort the burning process in the middle of it because I changed my mind. In theory, the dvd+rw should be still writable after that.

But now, I cannot even erase this particular dvd+rw disc. Nero just keep telling me to put a rewriteable disc. I tried other dvd+rw disc and it works fine. So only this disc.

Is there any way to fix this disc?

Many thanks.

Hitting Abort into a burn makes the TOC incorrect and the disc craps out. You should change your mind after the fact:) Try using Alcohol 120%'s Erase disc feature. I’ve saved countless RW’s thanks to it. Nero’s pretty limited.

If erase doesn’t work - it is a little whimsical with DVD+RW, try simply overwriting it (Start multisession or whatever). In theory, once formatted, a DVD+RW doesn’t need erasing, only writing over the old data.