Need help making XP image bootable

I have an XP pro CD that I’ve burned an image of since I wanted to follow an edit I found online to make XP able to install on a USB drive. The problem is that I’ve tried 6 different times to burn the image back and none of them will boot!

I’m using nero and I’ve followed every guide and tutorial I could find online and on youtube and figured out exactly what to do. The only thing that should make a difference is the boot image. I’ve tried the “Microsoft Corporation.img” file online, an image taken directly from the windows xp install disk using BBIE, and several others. Nothing is working and I’m growing a pile of useless coasters.

HELP! :frowning:

The weird thing is, that on my custom built machine upstairs, it’s working fine. It’s this gateway laptop that’s giving me trouble. So it seems that the disc is bootable after all, but not by one machine. The gateway DOES load OEM disks, but not my copies.

Are you unable to boot to CD, unable to boot to USB drive or both? Some older computers don’t support boot to USB drives which might be the reason it doesn’t boot to USB, but it should boot to CD if you have CD selected as first boot device in BIOS.

I can’t boot to the CD. It will work on my other system, but this gateway laptop isn’t loading anything that isn’t a store bought CD. It’s driving me nuts and causing all kinds of trouble. Also, it supports USB boot, but when I tried to boot to a USB drive with XP installed, it can’t find the operating system.

Are you sure CD drive and USB drive are before hard drive in the BIOS boot order? It will boot to CD and USB drives only if they are before hard drive in boot order. Also is the CD copy on CDR or CDRW media? I’ve encountered some older drives that will boot to CDR copies but will no boot to CDRW copies.

@bevills1;It would seem the BIOS is set for the DVD drive first since it will boot from the OEM disc.If I understood correctly.You are probably on the right track with the CD-R or CD-RW.Also no mention of the disc brand has been made so they could be some low quality discs.Even if they will boot the custom computer it probably has a better DVD drive.
@iamgregor;Will the USB drive boot XP to your other computer ?
Have you looked at the discs with Nero Infotool?
Do the say ISO9660(bootable) ?

I’ve heard of the Nero tool. I’ll have to try that. The USB does boot to my custom computer. The newest issue that I’m having is that even with OEM disks, XP installer won’t see the hard drive on this laptop. Maybe it’s got SATA or something built in which XP doesn’t know how to deal with.

I could try getting a driver and adding it during the boot sequence, but the serial number wore off and there’s no page for this model of Gateway on their site. I told my friend it must be a black-market PC, but she got it at Best Buy!

Anyway, the Vista disc I have works and installs, but it’s an old trial version so it’s no good. For now, we’re going to find a copy of Vista to install and we should be good to go.

A program named PCWizard gives me the serial number of my computer.I have Vista.
Maybe it would work on this laptop with Vista installed.
That might let you get the driver.
I haven’t worked many boot discs but I use ImgBurn for this.
I still suspect a failing DVD drive or a loose connection(cable).
Since the problem isn’t constant.
Is it out of any warranty?
If not I would make it Best Buys problem.