Need help making pc dvd backup

Dont know if this is the right place for it or not…

If someone wanted to create a 1:1 backup of a PC DVD original play disk, what would be best way?
I think it has securerom or safedisc. A check of it with one program says “dummy files” and another says safedisc.
Have tried some programs but have made almost a dozen coasters :frowning:

Have read the stickies and guides but so far nothing has worked.

Will gladly accept and reply via PM or email

Thanks in advance…

Go into the correct subsection and read some posts…

Thank you chef

into which specific one? I have read a few of them and done some searches but nothing so far has done it. Am trying bwa builder now to use along with nero or clone cd (which I own both outright) but bwa builder isnt responding. I extracted the cd with poweriso and am using the guide I found on here.

Can you provide a link or can a mod relocate this thread to proper forum?

Was hoping someone would have specific steps for this.


More info on what I want can be found here:

I re-posted it because it appeared from the reply I got above that this question was in the wrong forum.

The game is bfme2 think its safedisc2/3

bfme2 is a really great game!!

Sadly I have never tried to copy it so I cannot help you with.

ok but at least thank you for the reply!

And I did try posting on another subforum here but I guess it didnt work out so I had to come back here, but you were right about posting it in the right place.

I may either buy gamecopy pro or just break down and buy the dang thing all over again and toss the other out. ever rent a kid movie from blockbuster and looked at the surface? It’s like that although my kids arent the only ones handling it :frowning:

A 1:1 backup is not possible in this case as it’s a DVD based game which is protected by SafeDisc 4.5+. Follow this guide for a working copy.

thank you

I will check it out