Need help making internet scavenger hunt

I teach a kids class on saturday mornings, and I promised them an internet scavenger hunt. The age group is 7-12yrs old, so profanity and pron sites need not apply if I want to keep my job. I tried and got thinkers block bad, and ask help from all the fellow cdfreaks members here.

I have the following Questions so far, some of which are undecided to be used.

Oh yea, I also need a corresponding web site with an answer.

Does a Mosquito have teeth? if so how many?

How many teeth does a shark have?

What is the fastest car in the world?

how do they get lead inside a pencil

how do clouds form

what’s the biggest star

how are pickes made

largest animal since the dinosaur age (hint, its a mammal)

I want to try to have 20 Questions and a range of 30 to choose 20 from.

Thx in advance everyone:)

How about search engines for kids or these search engines ?

I tired the mosquito question in AskJeeves For Kids , and it came up with this result after clicking on the link regarding mosquitoes , it came up with this.

Other ideas for scanvenger hunts came up with the following results :

Link 1
Link 2
Link 3

Maybe pop in a few questions about science (why is the sky blue), technical questions (what is Blue Ray), art questions (to whom was the painter of Mona Lisa married), chemistry question (what are the components of Dynamite), Economics (what is this year’s government budget) or taxes (what is the sales tax rate of <state>)…

General interest questions:
What was the original occupation of the leading actor in <movie> (have them start at
Wat is the largest disco in the US?
How many different barbie dolls are there?
How much is a 99 Chevy Impala with <name few features>

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
or taxes (what is the sales tax rate of <state>)…

They’re kids ! :eek: no need to turn them into evil power hungry greedy civilised people just yet ! :rolleyes: Can’t you wait a few years ? :bigsmile:

Whilst the first few you gave me Tax are fine, the tax questions as Mr. B said, are a bit out of the range for kids, although I see how you can think they are simple and be drawn towards asking them.

I’ll throw a couple into the fray:

  • How much does an average coconut crab weigh? (they would think these look pretty darn cool when they see a picture)

  • When was Lego invented? (toy related is good right?)

  • How long does a fruit fly live?

Say , when you’re done setting up the scavenger hunt , i think it’s a great idea to post it here as well. We could do some competitions , cdfreaks against the kids. Perhaps it’d be fun to post some results as well ?

The kids would probably win. It scares me how much kids know about computers these days. I’ll be obsolete soon. :sad:

Why is the sky blue?

And Tax just had to throw in a tax question…figures :wink:

He also beat you the your question buddy. :iagree:

Originally posted by Da_Taxman
Maybe pop in a few questions about science (why is the sky blue)

Who was first? The chicken or the egg? :slight_smile:

Go with science, animals, the human body and some quirky stuff.

How many baby fleas does a mother flea have?

The most venemous animal on the planet? (I’m sure this is a good one as expert opinion probably differs, the fastest death, the nastiest etc.)

Muscles in the human body?
Length of your intestines?
Length of all the blood vessels in your body? etc.

Which planet has the most moons?

How long would it take to drive to the sun/moon at 55mph?

How come cold can burn?

How much dogdoo is cleaned up on the streets of Paris everyday?

well a few ideas, I’ll look for some links later

/edit/ here you go, had some fun finding these

Originally posted by Ssseth
He also beat you the your question buddy. :iagree:

And I thought I read through all of his message…guess I was too hasty when he walked in on me at the office here…

Oh well, another good question always is “why do bananas grow in a bend” (or whatever the expression is in English)

What does the “PK” in wrigleys PK chewing gum stand for? :slight_smile: