Need help making DVD slide show with Nero6 Ultra Edition



I need advice on creating a DVD with my vacation pictures in a slideshw format. I have Nero6 Ultra Edition and have burned several different format CD and DVD but either I get an error attempting the burn (DVD) or the CD isn’t recognized on my DVD player. My PC is an E-machine T3418 which came with a DVD burner. Am I attemting the impossible or am I just not going about it the right way? I would appreciate any help possible and can provide more details if someone can help. Thanks. Wayne.


Hi HWP-64 and welcome:

The link below is for the help files associated with Nero 6. Slideshow support can be found in NeroVision Express 3 (page 54 of the help file). If you’re using Windows Vista, your version of Nero is not compatible. Otherwise, you should be set to go.

Nero offers to save the burn log. Save it and post it so members can review it for any issues or problems. Your DVD player may not support the media or format you’re creating (e.g. VCD). Try using Verbatim +R and set the booktype to DVD-ROM if your drive supports this. If this doesn’t make sense post back. Does the slideshow play on the computer?


Thanks Jeff. I will follow the instructions tomorow and let you know the results. I did do a quick test just now creating a VCD with 10 pictures and a short home video compiled with Windows Movie Maker. I used the HELP file and followed the 14 steps in “Creating a Video CD” topic. The results are as follows: In my $30 (appx) Magnavox DVD player I get a “disk error”. In my 3 year old JVC ($150+) I can see the pictures and play the video. However…the pictures are static and have to be selected individually. It takes the player about 5 seconds to find each picture. Ideally I would like the VCD to play on the cheaper DVD player (which may just be a limitation of the player but my mother has one hence the reason to make the VCD) and for the pictures to play continous as a slide show. As I said I will read up on the link you’ve provided and will let you know. One more question concerns burning DVDs. I have blank DVDs but Nero mentions having to have an additional plug in(?) at extra cost to make Super VCDs. Is this necessary to be able to make a disk that will play on the $30 unit? I will report my results tomorrow. Thanks! Wayne.


I have good news to report and a follow-up question. Using Nerovision Express 3 (which I didn’t know I had) I was able to create a slide show of pictures with an accompaning music file and burned it to a DVD which will play on my inexpensive DVD player. Thanks for the push in the right direction.

My question is: It seems I can only add 1 picture at a time to my group (and then the group is added to my slideshow compilation). Is it possible to add an entire file (or multiple selections) to my group? This would be very handy and less labor intensive. Thanks again! Wayne.


I’m glad you got it to work. Regarding your question, I’m not sure I understand the issue but the following thread may assist.