Need Help Making DVD Compilation

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make one dvd out of many different dvd clips.
Im trying to make a disk that has like 2 min clips of many different movies.
Any help would be appreciated.
thanks zak

A program such as TMPGEnc is up to your project’s needs, as is Nero’s Vision Express.

Use VOBEdit to merge the .VOB files. Then use IFOEdit to create the .IFO and .BUP your dvd player needs to play the files.

If they are in .avi or .mpg format you can use a joiner to join them all together and then convert them to DVD format or if you are trying to have each one play at the push of a button then use one of the thosand programs for making DVD’s like Intervideo’s DVD movie creator.

Thanks for all the replys. The project is on.