Need help making a back up for my "Robots" DVD

I have tried Nero which obviously wont do it and says the DVD has protection. Then I tried DVD shrink and it gave an error. I tried DVD Fab and it reads until 37% percent and gives an error. I tried DVD decrypter and again it reads until 37% and gives an error. I even tried to ignore the error but it wont get past 37%.

I think it has some damn good protection if DVD Fab couldnt get past it. Is there anything I can do to make a back up copy for this DVD? Any other software?

Your disc may have an actual defect. DVD Fab Decrypter (free) worked on Robots for me. This was over 6 months ago, make sure you have the most recent version of DVD Fab. The protection is new enough that both DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink are probably going to choke.

But the DVD plays fine. What kind of defect could it be? I just downloaded the trail version of the Fab platnium and it didn’t work either.

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Your DVD player will ignore a complete read failure and just continue playing. You may notice a “glitch” in sound or picture. If you’ve got a serious scratch or other whammy, your PC hardware may not be so forgiving.

The program that I used is here: It’s a limited version vs. trial software. The first option “Full Disc” is what worked for me.