Need Help - looking for GWA - 4161B firmware


i’ve been searching the firmware for this model for a while already.
and still couldn’t find any of it. even i tried the official LG website.
any one can help me out.

the reason i trying to upgrade is… right now, my burner can’t even burn more than 4x even though i currently using the 8x dvd. i used to be able to burn upto 16x. but currently i can not.

any suggestion would b really appreciated.


Hi :slight_smile:

Before you go searching for firmware, you might want to check your DMA.

Are you offered higher speeds in your burning program? If you can select a higher speed, but it only burns at 4x, possibly your DMA might be off.

DMA is on.
any idea???

Use Nero CD Speed (, freeware) and do a burst rate test. You need to have a disc which you already wrote to before (not blank). You should get a burst rate of about 23MB/s or more for 16x burns to work properly.

Also, did you change the type of discs you were using? Not every type of 16x disc will burn on every writer at 16x.

Getting firmware support for your drive can be a problem. Read here :