Need help locating TY Medias

Now that Fuji no longer sell TY 48x medias…What other manufacturers are still selling TY media at 48x? I’ve read that Maxell doesn’t use TY exclusively and I’m trying to avoid buying some crappy CDRs. If you guys can point me into the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated.

Not sure what country your in, but from the UK 2 places I know sell here (the freaks shop will not sell to the UK - so lost business to them). - tubs of 50 or 6*50 Plextor branded x48 TY’s (SVP) - unbranded 100 spindles of x48 TY

Sorry, I forgot to mention that I live in Canada.

Maxell Pro media and Plextor are always TY, that’s about it unless you can order generic off the net.

Rdgrimes, are the Fuji 48x media made by prodisc still have the logo made by Japan? I think my local staples still have a 50 pack and I think it’s TY from the past. I can’t seem to locate Maxell Pro anywhere…

and is this the Maxell Pro media that you guys were talking about?

Maxell has just changed all their packaging, but I think that’s the right stuff.
If Fuji says “Made In Japan” on the package, it’s TY. Prodisc is made in Taiwan.

at least looks like a good deal to me…dont have to mess around with rebates and all that stuff…I bought 200 Microboards(TY) 16x certified from Musicans Friend about 2 years ago They had them with the jewel case for $39 a hundred was a good price back than…just about out of them a few left…never had one bad burn with them…or my Kodak Gold I use for my Master CD’s…A friend of mine and I were burning the master striaght off our Roland equipment digitaly (optical line) to our stand alone CD recorders he has a sony I have a Philips…Than make copies of the master on our PC’s…he had several other brand of CD’s Max, TDK ect…We were playing some of the copies over the PA system at the Band room and noticed one sounded like crap…so I put on a copy I burnt on TY…like night and day…The sound quality was so much better…Kodak and TY were the only two that consistantly put out Quality sound Exactly like it was recored to the Roland…You could play the songs out of the Roland thru the PA and not tell the difference between it and the TY or Kodak…the other brands were not even in the race…I have never run a Kprobe program on them dont even know how…lol…just know what sounds good and NO COASTERS…Hope this helps you out…BIG JOHN

Unbranded UK TY’s here

and here

I’ve used CDRByMail, and it’s good service.

Let us know if you find them anywhere else - I’d be interested.

Unfortunately, I live in Canada and I don’t want to pay all those customs and taxes by ordering from a foreign country :(.

Hi have a sister site in the US - they may be able to help you

They have TY’s on their website… I can’t find anyone in Canada…

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[B]Hi have a sister site in the US - they may be able to help you

They have TY’s on their website… I can’t find anyone in Canada… [/B]

Thx for your help though.

found this on google

@rdgrimes: Which CD-R discs are you using right now? TYs? Any cheap source for them? I’m coming to the US in a month or so, so I’d appreciate it if you could point me in the direction of some good cheap media.

Using TY and Prodisc (Fuji) currently. The sales vary from week to week at CompUSA and BestBuy, so you’ll have to check when you’re in the states. If you can get Ritek on sale, that’s a good bet too.

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll look into the RiTek too, they seem to be pretty good.

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I’ll look into the RiTek too, they seem to be pretty good.
Absolutely ! Some are just as excellent as TY.

Wow! Awesome scans, BoSkin! We get Ritek media here in India, mostly under the “Frontech” brand name. They are good quality, but in no way as good as yours! I typically get C1 errors ~0.7 average, no C2. Good result, IMO.

WallMart has Maxell CD-R Pro disks which are made in Japan and are TY

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