Need help locating a slimtype dvdrw sdw-431s

Hello everyone was wondering if anyone knows where i can purchase a new slimtype dvdrw sdw-431s. Mine won’t read any cd-roms now only dvd’s so i need to get another one. I have looked all over the net and can’t find anywhere in the united states, the 2 places i did find were in a diff language so i couldnt read the website. One more thing, if i wanted to get diff internal drive for my notebook how do i figure out if the one i want will fit in the same slot on my computer? I compared mine with my friends and his is a tad bigger and has a diff connector that snaps into the motherboard or whatever it connects to when u slide it in…

All standard slimline drives should be identical (maybe not in the bezel, but in size and connectors). All LiteOn slimline drives, to my knowledge, adhere to the slimline standard. If your friend’s drive doesn’t adhere to this standard, then either 1) it’s a special drive manufacturered specifically for his laptop (not very common) or 2) it’s a standard slimline drive enclosed in some kind of adapter (what Dell does, for example).

Not sure where to get it, but I wouldn’t get a 431S if I were you. These drives are fairly old and are not well supported any more. Try the new SOSW-852S if you want a slimine drive…

Have you tried looking on Froogle?

I looked for that drive u recomended and the only one i could find was a black external one. I did a froogle search and came to a dead end also, any ideas?

Do you by any chance have an eMachines laptop? I have the same drive in mine. I bought mine at Best Buy, so maybe you could go to a BB store or even the eMachines website. Not exactly the cheapest way to go probably, but they might be able to get a replacement if it’s important to you to get the same one.