Need help loading songs onto my Sansa c250

My refubed Sansa c250 works fine (I can listen to FM radio, listen to the preloaded songs, and see the preloaded photos) except it won’t let me load my own songs into it. Why could that be?

Also, and maybe related, when I click on the Sansa c250 in My Computer two folders come up…one called Data is completely empty…the other called Media has all of the preloaded stuff in it.

The firmware version is 01-01-05P…I believe that may be old firmware.

Please help. Thank you.

I used to have a Sansa but no longer so beyond the following, I’m at a loss.

Is it possible it’s full (too many WMA files on it). Can you see how much available space there is on the unit?

I don’t think the c250 has too many songs Jeff. When I “accidentally” got around to figuring out how to sync songs using my crappy WMP I accidentally synced a dozen or more photos over to the mp3…and it said it had about 1GB of space remaining.

my advice is load up Rockbox on that device as it will work since you got a v1 player :wink: (it’s free open-source firmware) … im sure u will like that better than stock firmware since it supports more audio formats like .ogg etc etc.

Thanks NBR, I believe I’ll do that. If it doesn’t work out, hopefully I’ll be able to go back and install the firmware I currently have (01-01-05P).

Do you know where I can find firmware 01-01-05P just in case something goes wrong when I install Rockbox?

[QUOTE=burnselk;2194795]Thanks NBR, I believe I’ll do that. If it doesn’t work out, hopefully I’ll be able to go back and install the firmware I currently have (01-01-05P).

Do you know where I can find firmware 01-01-05P just in case something goes wrong when I install Rockbox?[/QUOTE]

well im not totally sure on your player but it’s probably similar to mine (i got a e200 series, e250 to be exact) and basically once you install Rockbox to it you can still use original firmware if you need to as it’s sorta setup like a dual boot… like for example, once Rockbox is installed to it and say the player is off and u plug in the USB cable and plug it into the PC … the player will boot into the original firmware for file transfers and charging since Rockbox does not currently support file transfers… (it recently added in battery charging about a couple days ago but im using the Rockbox v3.1 stable which dont have battery charging in it) so basically for file transfers and battery charging you pretty much have to use the original firmware.

but once Rockbox is installed it will boot to Rockbox when you power up the device… if you need to load the original firmware for any reason you can just hold down the LEFT on the digital pad while pressing the power button and it will boot into the original firmware.

but i do believe there is a way to recover the device if anything goes wrong cause i had to set mine in recovery mode once as i was screwing around with the player and almost bricked it (dont worry it was my fault not Rockbox’s) but luckily the e200 series (i think the c200 does to but im not sure) has a ‘recovery mode’ to load up original firmware if you need to… i forgot exact where i downloaded it but there was a site on the rockbox forums somewhere that has it.

but to sum up the installation it’s actually pretty easy and takes less than 5minutes to do once you know what to do…

basically you just run this file on the PC (while device is connected in MSC mode… Settings > USBMode > MSC ) which changes the bootloader on the device so that it looks for the “.rockbox” folder (which is the Rockbox firmware itself) in the root of the device (i.e. where you store files on it) … and that’s it :wink: … once you do that u power off device and turn it back on and it loads Rockbox.

there’s the basic installation process for your Sansa c200 series (v1, it’s gotta be a version1!) player… … [B]“Rockbox doesn’t function on the v2 models. The v1 hardware uses firmware named 01.xx.xx, while the v2 hardware uses firmware beginning with 03. This version number can be retrieved under Settings->Info.”[/B] … that site i believe has the .mi4 file you will need in case something goes wrong.

or here is what u need for that exact version… … there’s the ‘Recovery Mode’ howto in case your player appears dead… but it’s unlikely anything will go wrong if you follow instructions correctly! :wink:

most likely though this file … is the exact one you would want to use if you need to in ‘recovery mode’ since you listed P in your current firmware.

also… here is a direct link to the version of Rockbox i would recommend you use since it was released not long ago and it’s considered stable… … here’s the MANUAL for the Rockbox program… (read this as it tells you how to install Rockbox… goto “Installation” part in the .PDF file… more specifically goto section 2.3.1 for Auto-mated install or 2.3.2 for Manual install methods) and here’s the FONTS (the fonts are not required but i would recommend installing those two as it allows you to change text sizes etc etc in rockbox interface) (NOTE: to other people reading this thread, those links are ONLY for the Sansa c200 series players… if you need versions for other players you gotta download the version for your own hardware)

if your having trouble installing Rockbox or finding out what to do just PM me or leave a message on this thread and ill get back to u :wink: … they have a ‘auto-mated’ installer for Rockbox to make stuff a little easier but i prefer the manual way myself :wink:

Thanks NBR, I was lucky enough to load the songs I wanted without loading Rockbox. I hope all goes well. If not, I’ll be in touch with you guys again.

Thanks for the support and NBR thanks for the detailed post. I’m the type who needs as much information as I can get.