Need help! LiteOn 1635S, DVD9... POWER CALLIBRATION ERROR!

Hi. i’m new to this forum so don’t kill me if i’m posting in the wrong area. But i have a question that i was hoping some of the experts out there can help me out with. I bought the LiteOn 1635S burner about 2 months ago but haven’t gotten around to burning any DVD9 til now. I bought the GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 8.5gb media. I tried burning a DVD through Nero but after caching files, it gives me the error of “Power Callibration Error.” I tried looking through many of these tech sites trying to find the solution and it seems to me that everybody is pointing at cheap media.

However, the reason I don’t fully believe this is that I’ve used GQ single layer dvd-r many times before and that worked perfectly fine. I also tried switching the master,slave settings as well as the power supply. Also, I tried that ADMIN tool trick. Nothing seemed to have worked as I continued to get the same error. And i know it’s not my laser because I tried burning a regular audio CD afterwards and it was perfectly fine. So if anybody can suggest help or have had this same exact problem and can add their input, I’d greatly appreciated. I’m pretty stumped.

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Don’t know about GQ discs but for Dual Layer only Verbatim +R is recommended, with the possiblity of Ricoh as well.

Do a CD-DVD Speed disc info query & post the saved PNG file back here.

Nero CD-DVD Speed: Disc Info
Basic Information
Disc type: : DVD+R DL
Book Type : DVD+R DL
Manufacturer: : Ritek
MID : RITEK D01 (001)
Write speeds: : 2.4 X
Blank Capacity : 7.96 GB
: 8152 MB
: 8547993600 bytes
Extended Information
Layers : 2
Layer break : 3.98 GB
Write strategies : n/a
Disc Status : Empty
Raw Data
Physical Format Information (00h)
0000 - E1 0F 32 10 00 03 00 00 00 FC FF FF 00 22 D7 FF - …2…"…
0010 - 00 00 00 52 49 54 45 4B 00 00 00 44 30 31 01 40 - …RITEK…D01.@
0020 - 25 25 37 0C 00 28 64 00 28 64 20 1F 0C 0C 14 14 - %%7…(d.(d…
0030 - 02 01 01 20 00 20 1F 0C 0C 14 14 02 01 01 20 00 - …


i’m not sure if that’s exactly what you’re looking for. I just opened up the program, went to the “disc info” tab and clicked “copy text” and pasted it on here. Thanks for the help again.

WORST DL media you can find on this planet.

Skip this crap, it’s not worth even burning.

is that what causes my power callibration error? also, how did you know it’s the worst media? what do you look for exactly? sorry if i sound too much like a noob. i’ve been burning all my life, just never got into the technicalities of it like this.

Yes, poor media leads to Power Calibration Errors first.

Just stick with Verbatim DL media.

can you explain to me how you can tell by reading that data it’s bad media? i see that it’s of Ritek brand. dunno if that’s of any siginifcance but isn’t ritek considered one of the better brands?

Because here in the forum there are many and many similar cases of ritek DL media that give bad burnings and similar errors. And Ritek are not among the best media available :frowning:

Believe him: [B]chef[/B] is a veteran :iagree:

You can do a search and see by yourself all bad results obtained with these media

@ abstrakt

In my opinion all RiTEK media (SL and especially DL) are :Z .
All burners have problems with RiTEK DL. Stay away from those media if you want the best burning quality and compatibility with dvd standalone players.

alright. i guess it’s all due to the media in my case. for a bit, i was afraid it was my burner. thanks for all the help.

Anyone willing to commit to a list of media to avoid? I am having the same problem with SONY DVD-R for Data Ver 2.0 8X media. Nero gives me the infamous “power calibration” error when half way thorough the burn. Have many neat white christmas tree ornaments now…