Need help knowing about dvd media



Hello i was looking to purchase a SONY HI-FI VHS +DVD RECORDER RDR-VX500 this unit will take a vhs tape and copy it to a dvd it will copy on dvd+ or dvd- media! This unit is expensive and the ones that dont record on dvd-r are much cheaper!My question is if i buy one that will only use dvd-r media can i take that disc after i hace burned it put it in my dvdrw drive in my pc that burns + or - media and copy and burn it to dvd+ media???
Also if you have a recommendation to a unit thats good and not too expensive dont hesitate to tel me.
thanks for helping me out with my first post.


Yes you can but why go to the trouble and also waste another disc…


People over at swear by the Pioneer models. Also prices are falling fast and RW capability is being added to many models. You should wait and check around before you spend too much for the wrong unit. Quality and brand name are not very highly correlated here.


Can i just buy a dvd recorder and hook my vcr up to it to transfer from vhs to dvd?


Yes if they are not protected…


What if theyre protected what do you need to be able to do those?
What about dvdxpress it comes with the vhsadapter and software…is there not an easy (cheap)way?


You cannot use a machine with both VHS and DVD in the same unit. You need to buy an additional adapter to go between you VHS unit and the DVD recorder to copy your tapes.

Sima makes the most popular units, cost is between $40 and $150 with TBC units running higher.