Need help kinda new to burning

Hi all! Anyway I’ll cut right to the chase.I don’t have a great computer, 668 mhz, 128mb ram. I have just put in a lite on ltr 52327s cd burner. Now what my problem is I can’t run the drive @ the proper speed, it takes a while to burn disks(5 min) and sometimes some of the songs skip or don’t play (even though my player says it’s playing) I know i’m using the right disks for the job what might the problem be?? I used to use my bro’s comp and i never had a problem allthough his is a bit better setup.

Firstly, don’t try to burn your music CDs at full speed. Stick to 16x. Results should be better.
Secondly check that DMA is enabled on the burner. Here’s a link to help you do this.

You don’t say what software you’re using to do the burner or what brand of CD you’ve got. Both these are helpful/essential for us to know.

There’s this great little app , Burrrn. It’s small & simple Audio CD burner which uses not a great deal of memory , does a good job & is free. Get it at .

Spot on Tim.

Ok the dma isn’t enabled , and i use nero to burn and memorex or afa 80min for blanks.

I hope that’s now the past tense & it is OK now. If not that is the very first thing you must get fixed.

I have it enabled right now. What difference does that make anyway?

Also could i tbe the firmware? I have qs04 on it right now, buffer size 2mb