Need help.. just downloaded Region + CSS Free

I Just downloaded the free trial of Region + CSS Free, to watch Region 2 and 4 DVD’s in the US on my laptop and also to copy my personal DVD’s onto my iPod using “interVideo iVideoToGo Platinum” Every time I put a DVD in my laptop and attempt to copy it using the intervideo program it says 'Can not copy, this material is copy right protected" Which I thought the region + CSS free program was supposed to get rid of… what can i do to fix this problem? I apparently have the region free program running in the background… Although there is no “run now” feature or anything so I am not sure, the little icon is at the bottom of my screen and it says its “Enabled” and I have all the options checked on the “settings” . Is any one familar with the “Intervideo iVideoToGo Platinum” program? Maybe they are not compatiable? But it says on the DVDidle site that it works with Intervideo copy software… Please advise.

Well the dvd is protected. I guess your going to need a program like AnyDVD to copy it. To remove the protection.

Thank you… I downloaded the trial and with both the Region free and the Slyfox program running I am able to watch my region 2-6 DVD’s and i am also able to copy my CSS protected DVD’s onto my Computer/iPod… I quess I will have to bite the bullet and buy both programs as I can’t figure out how to use only one or the other for both my needs.

Update… While my copy program will start to copy ( it doesn’t automaticly say that it is unable to copy because the disc is copy protected, anymore) It does not actually copy… it goes through this whole process that takes about two hours and slows the heck out of my computer… it SAYS it has copied the disc to my computer BUT When I go and search for it, its no where to be found… Sucks big time… The only thing I can get to work in the program is little mini vids I already have on my computer… those i can get to transfer to my iPod… I quess the region unlocking is worth it, but I really want to be able to put some of my movies on my iPod, a lot of them will NEVER be able off iTunes… :frowning:

I am a big buff of Region 2 and 4 movies that aren’t available in the US and I also do a lot of screen cap work, and need to be able to play a DVD on my computer and take the caps… So I need the region unlocking… Oh well… I guess I will have to be happy with with i can get on iTunes for my iPod movie needs… :frowning:

  • I make custom collages and mini vids of “favorite” actors, actresses, characters,etc, I do this for free, on my own time… I have an extensive OWNED collection, I do not rent or download movies… ( Just in case some one was thinking I did anything illegal… :slight_smile: )

Welcome to CDf, Crysse2. :slight_smile: Have you inadvertently picked up a trojan or virus that’s playing havoc with your system?
There are lots of online virus scanners you can use to double check on your own protection software. My favourite one is slow but deadly accurate. It’s by BitDefender and it only runs in IE, not Firefox, unfortunately.
You can access it here: