Need help joining extracted clips from DVD. (Thanks)

Dear friends.

I have extracted clips of my favorite scenes from a whole DVD through DVD Shrink software. Each clip is an individual folder having a video file titled VTS_01.

I want to join the clips for continuous viewing. Which software should I use?

Thanks and best regards to all.

You could perhaps try renaming them something like:-

VTS_01_4.IFO etc

And locating them in the same folder.

Then using IfoEdit (free) click on the Create IFOs & then slect the folder & the first in the sequence and then in the box below tick “Same as source”.

That should then process them & create the necessary IFO & BUP files.

You could always then process this back thru’ DVD SHrink to get 1GB sized VOBs if you wanted.

If you don’t require a menu, you can use DVD Shrink again in Re-author mode and select Add Files to point to each of the clip’s folders you mentioned. When finished adding, click Backup and Shrink will create a new DVD folder with all the clips for continuous viewing. Burn to a video disc with your favorite burning app.

For adding a menu, look here:

Thanks very much to both of you for your very helpful advice.

I did succeed in joining the clips as I required.

Best Regards,

Which method did you use? The one I suggested was not from real experience & I didn’t know about the DVD Shrink method so I’m curious as to what worked for you.

I succeeded with DVD Shrink. I am very happy that I found this great, great software! Its really does everything I want and longed for.

I used it to join the clips also. Just a jiffy!