Need Help JNDmetrix


I read few articles about quality of different codecs. Now I have to compare a few codecs for a study in my university. I looking for the JNDmetrix IQ tool.
Does anyone know were I can find it?
Is not available anymore at

Does anyone have it?



Best would be to contact them and tell them about your studies. No other company sells it anymore as well.

I did, but there is no possibility to buy/get the product anymore.

So I hope, here is someone who can help me…


I get following answer to my request:

Thank you for your interest in Sarnoff’s JNDmetrix. Unfortunately, Sarnoff
has discontinued the sale of JNDmetrix as a stand-alone software
package. As an innovation services company, we have decided to make our JND
technology available only on a consulting or licensing basis (e.g.,
licensing to manufacturers of video quality measurement instruments). We
apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.