Need help installing win 98 se on a win 98 beta



I have a copy of one of the original windows 98 beta's and I've just bought windows 98 second edition upgrade but it won't install, it says I haven't got the required win 98 files, is there any way round this?



format c: /s


TIP: DO NOT INSTALL WIN98SE, it’s slower then 98, the bug fixes are minimal and there are hardware conflicts. (eg. my cd-writer won’t function under it, my 3com ethernet card has serious problems running under it etc etc)


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You must have got a bad copy, because mine works just brilliant!

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You get problems with games like outcast you first need to have patch to install. When install is finished there is nothing on the harddrive. i also experiencing problems with directX


Like EJ i have had no problems with win 98 se i just installed it over the top of my win 98 and it works fine with no problems and everything is recognised for what it is even when i swap out cd drives and burners…